Group Training

Elite Performance Academy offers group training for men and women.  Come and train with like minded individuals and motivate each other to perform and get results.

Elite Vitality – For Ladies


Vitality : [ vahy - tal - i - tee ] – capacity for survival , for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence .

The ELITE VITALITY program is created to improve confidence from the inside out combining strength, conditioning and flexibility.


12-week Fall Session starts September 9! $349 + HST

The Elite Vitality Program will run from September 9 2017 until December 2 2017.  There will be no training on Saturday October 7 for the Thanksgiving long weekend.


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Elite Diesel – For Men

Diesel : [ dee - zuhl , - suhl ] – awesome , muscular or strong , representing physical power .

This POWER HOUR is designed to push you to the limit, optimizing strength, power and conditioning.

  • Rev up your metabolism, chisel your muscles and drop body fat
  • Be part of a challenging environment that will bring your fitness to the next level and test your mental strength
  • Improve your overall health, well being and reduce stress
  • Limited group size (8-12) allows for individualized attention

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Elite Spartan Athletes

Elite Performance Academy assists their personal training clients to cultivate their athlete within, through dedicated and committed training programs before competing in specific events.

The challenging obstacle trail races are designed to test resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making skills and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity.  These courses demand every ounce of the athletes strength, ingenuity and animal instinct.

Contact us for more information about Elite Spartan Training to get ready for your next Elite event.