Elite Junior Football Academy


The Elite Junior Football Academy takes the top quality professional football coaching of our extremely successful Elite Football Academy and brings it to our Junior Athletes, aged 13 and under. Members of our CFL Alumni coaching staff will take the athletes through 10 weeks of on-field football practice, teaching the essential skills that must be mastered at a young age to ensure success in the future.

This unique program is unlike any other in Ottawa, exposing our city’s current and future football stars to the knowledge, expertise, and real-world football experience of a coaching staff that is second to none.

Jesse Mills, QB, Carleton Ravens

Led by Camp Directors Pat Woodcock (WR Coach, 8-yr CFL veteran), Donnie Ruiz (DB Coach, 7-yr CFL veteran), and Rob Hamm (Finalist for 2012 NFL Canada Coach of the Year), players will be guided through a true football training camp, learning all of the skills and techniques to help them excel on the football field, at every position.

Another unique aspect of our program is the inclusion of Football Canada’s Safe Contact program. With the increased focus on concussion prevention and player safety, Football Canada has instituted the Safe Contact program to reinforce the approved tackling and blocking techniques designed to keep young players healthy and on the field.  Elite Football Academy Camp Director, Rob Hamm, is Football Canada’s Lead Instructor for this program, and Elite Football Academy players were used to demonstrate the techniques for the instructional video that will be a part of Football Canada’s Coaching Certification program moving forward.  Learning these valuable techniques at a young age can help ensure a long and healthy experience on the football field.

Our All-Star Coaches have over 50 years of CFL playing experience and 2 Grey Cup Championships.  Our staff also includes:

  • QB – Josh Sacobie (Hec Crighton Award Nominee, CIS Coach)
  • RB – Darren Joseph (13-yr CFL veteran)
  • WR – Ken Evraire (9-yr CFL veteran)
  • OL – Jon Landon (6-yr CFL veteran)
  • DL – Dexter Ross (CFL veteran)
  • LB – Steve Glenn (10-yr CFL veteran)

In addition, Guest Coaches Christo Bilukidi of the Oakland Raiders, Tyler Holmes of the Toronto Argos, John Delahunt of the Hamilton Ti-Cats, and Kyle Norris of the Edmonton Eskimos will be on hand to provide high-level coaching and share their success stories.  As local Ottawa athletes, all currently playing professionally  in the NFL and CFL, they provided a special opportunity for our players to be coached by young men playing the game at the very highest level.

Our goal is to tangibly improve the skills of our football players, and their love of the game.  As such, we will not be simply running the athletes through drills - we will be actively coaching and teaching every repetition.   In order to provide the very best learning experience for your young athlete, our registration numbers will be kept low.

Registration will fill up fast!  
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from coaches who played the game at the highest levels.  
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EliteD2D Off-Season Football Program

D2D Football Flyer_for web

Do you have what it takes to turn your

Determination 2 Domination?

Are you serious about football?  This program has been designed specifically for you – the committed High School football athlete that wants to invest hard work and sweat to reach a new level of performance.

This is your complete 4-month off-season Training Gameplan that will prepare you for your most important season yet – 2014.

Build your body, increase your speed and explosiveness, elevate your mental focus, develop your specific football skills, and increase your recruiting opportunities.

It’s Time!

Jesse Mills, QB, Carleton Ravens 

Program Features
  • 4 months of complete athletic performance training at the Elite Performance Athletic Complex with certified performance coaches, including strength training, speed training, mental conditioning, and nutrition.
  • Elite Football Academy – 10 weeks of on-field football skills work, including position-specific instruction and drills, 1-on-1, 7-on-7, and classroom film work, with our Elite coaching staff of current and former CFL and NFL players.
  • Elite Speed Academy – 10 weeks of on-field Speed, Agility, and Power training that takes our strength work and applies it on the field in game-like athletic situations
  • Elite Pre-Training Combine – Complete Athlete Assessment include 10-yd dash, Pro Agility, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Bench Press, MB Throw & more.
  • Elite D2D Football Training Apparel Package
Key Dates

November 2-3 – NCAFA Championship Week – Early Bird Registration

November 20 – Registration Deadline – Elite D2D Off-Season Training

November 23 – Pre-Training Combine Assessment

November 25 – 1st Training Session

January 6 – 1st Elite Football Academy Practice

January 16 – 1st Elite Speed Academy Training Session

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Cameron Stewart, WR, Carleton Ravens

Training Schedule:


November 25-December 20:     

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – General Physical Prep: Hypertrophy/Endurance Phase

  • Post-Season Regeneration
  • Structural Balance Correction
  • Introduction/teaching of key movements
  • Increase Work Capacity
  • Muscle Endurance/Hypertrophy


Monday – Elite Football Academy – Football Skills

Thursday – Elite Speed Academy – Speed & Agility Training

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday – Specific Physical Prep 1: Basic Strength Phase 

  • Functional Strength Focus
  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Mechanics


Monday – Football Skills

Thursday – Speed & Agility Training

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday – Specific Physical Prep 2: Strength/Power Phase

  • Relative Strength/Power Focus
  • Max Speed Training
  • Resisted Sprint/Agility Training


Monday – Football Skills

Thursday – Speed & Agility Training

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday – Specific Physical Prep 3: Peaking Phase

  • Max Strength/Power Focus
  • Advanced Plyometric Training
  • Combine Re-Testing

Stefano Napolitano, FB, Carleton Ravens

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ELITE D2D HOOPS – Pre Season Training Prep

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August 12 – October 4, 2013


Train and compete amongst the best players Ottawa has to offer. Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches and professional athletes have scientifically crafted a comprehensive 8-week program that will take your game to new heights, your strength and quickness to the next level and help you develop an unrelenting mental edge. We put the pieces in place for you to be unstoppable in your 2013 season.

  • Customized Strength & Power Development
  • Learn Olympic Lifts and correct Technique
  • Vertical Jumping,Agility, and Footwork
  • Basketball Specific Energy Systems Training
  • Injury Preventation Focus
  • Ongoing Nutritional and Supplement Support
  • Daily Competition

Training Schedule:

  • Monday – Muscular Conditioning Phase
  • Tuesday – Vertical Plyo Explosive Drills
  • Wednesday – Muscular Conditioning Phase
  • Thursday – Recovery, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Mobility Drills
  • Friday – Muscular Conditioning Phase
  • “SAVAGE Saturday” –  Specifically  Scheduled
Training Times:
  • Monday – Friday: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
  • Selected Saturdays: TBA


  • $799.00 + HST
  • Deadline Thursday August 15, 6pm.  Registration and Payment must be complete to secure your place on the training roster.
  • Complete On-Line Registration Form:  Elite D2D Hoops


WARNING: This program is for determined athletes ONLY. You must be committed to improving your mental and physical game, on and off the field, to dominate your opponents.

Train and compete amongst the best players Ottawa has to offer. Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches and CFL pros have scientifically crafted a comprehensive 12-week program that will take your game to new heights, your strength and speed to the next level and help you develop an unrelenting mental edge. We put the pieces in place for you to be unstoppable in your 2013 season.

  • Customized Strength & Power Development
  • On-field Agility and Footwork
  • Football-Specific Energy Systems Training
  • Position-Specific Skills Focus
  • Ongoing Nutritional and Supplement Support
  • Daily Competition

Training Schedule:

  • Monday – Max Speed/Jumps/Lower Lift
  • Tuesday – Upper Lift/Energy Systems
  • Wednesday – Agility Tests & Training, Football Specific Drills
  • Thursday – Recovery, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Mobility Drills
  • Friday – Acceleration/Jumps/Lower Lift
  • “SAVAGE Saturday” –  Energy Systems/Strong Man/Upper Lift


  • Monday – Thursday: 6:00 – 7:30pm
  • Friday 3:30-5:00pm
  • Saturday: 7:00-8:30am

Investment: $725 + HST for 60+ training sessions


For registration contact Elite Performance Academy ASAP!

Email:  info@eliteperformanceacademy.ca

Phone: 613-447-5383

Camp Recap – Elite Football Academy 2013

photo (5)


The football skills this camp enhanced on the field were clear and resulted in an obvious improvement.  Equally, if not more important to me, was the off field mentoring, you each took the time to add life skills that were related to both improving his on-field performance and off field attitude.  You all demonstrated the dual goal of developing better people while improving athletic skills.  Lastly, thank you for letting me wander around during the training sessions and try to eavesdrop and pick up tips to improve my own coaching skills.  The camp certainly met the high expectations I had going in.  Awesome program, highly recommended.

In a time where schools are cutting back and removing extra curricular activities at school our kids are losing opportunities to actively participate in team sports and gain mentors in their sports fields. This makes programs such as yours even that much more invaluable. Thanks again!


On March 4, Elite Performance Academy and over 50 young football players successfully wrapped up Elite Football Academy 2013, brought to you by Tony Graham Infiniti Nissan.

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Elite Performance Academy selected to coach at CBC Hockey Nation


For the second year in a row, Elite Performance Academy has been selected to train all hockey players participating in the CBC Hockey Nation tour stop in Ottawa.

Every year, a team of coaches and trainers travel coast to coast to provide Canadian communities with a hockey experience they will never forget. Coaches, parents and kids alike receive a rare opportunity to take part in a series of hockey clinics, guided by some of the game’s most seasoned coaches and players.  Afterwards, they are run through a dry-land training session with the some of the top Strength & Conditioning professionals in each city.  Coach Woodcock and Coach Ruiz will be coaching approximately 500 of Ottawa’s top young hockey stars, giving them a glimpse into the type of Elite training sessions that drives our athletes to success.

In addition, Coach Woodcock will be one of the featured speakers at Friday evenings Coaches Symposium.  Coach Woodcock will be presenting on  “Elite Performance Training: Philosophies for Developing Young Athletes”, and will be speaking alongside former Canadian Olympian Ron Davidson and legendary former NHL Coach Mike Keenan.

Stayed tuned here for the post-event wrap up, including pictures, sample exercises used during training, and key concepts from the Coaches Symposium.


Five members of #TeamEPA make the move to Carleton University


December has been an exciting time for several of our Elite Football athletes. Five of our longtime athletes officially signed their National Letters of Intent to play football for the Carleton University Ravens when they kick-off their comeback season in 2013. Lake Johnston, Stefano Napolitano, Cameron Stewart, Travis Troughton and Tyler Young have all been a part of #TeamEPA for several years, and we are extremely proud to have seen their development not only as athletes, but as young men and leaders on and off the field.  In addition, starting QB and celebrated recruit Jesse Mills has been a dedicated part of #TeamEPA since the day he arrived in Ottawa

In discussing the Elite Performance Academy recruits, Carleton Head Coach Steve Sumarah described them as

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Elite Athletes prepared to lead Team Ontario East at 2012 Football Canada Cup

FC CUP 2012 London_700

As young football players from across Canada make their way to London, Ontario for the 2012 Football Canada Cup Championship tournament, several of our Elite athletes are poised to lead Team Ontario East into battle.

Of the 7 players selected out of the Ottawa area, 5 of them are products of the Elite Performance Academy program.  While OL Thomas Rowlands and DB Nathaniel Hamlin are relatively new, having recently joined our Elite Football Academy on-field program,  OL Lake Johnston, FB Stefano Napolitano, and OL Tyler Young have been a part of the Elite Athlete Development program for over 2 seasons, and their success is a testament to their hard work.  All 3 have truly begun to see the results of their efforts, in addition to their achievements during their NCAFA and OVFL seasons.  Several universities both in Canada and the US have taken notice:

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Recap: Elite Football Academy Camp with Syracuse University

Elite Football Academy joined forces with Syracuse University and created another positive learning experience to develop minor football players in the Nation’s capital. On June 3, future football stars from Ottawa and the surrounding area had the opportunity to take their game to the next level with the Elite Football Academy Camp, presented by Tony Graham Infinity Nissan. This Camp offered each player the opportunity to learn what NCAA Division I coaches teach their team and what they are looking for in future student-athletes.  The Elite Football Academy’s CFL Pro coaches, alongside the SU coaches, taught new drills and techniques at each position and got the players ready for an afternoon of competition.


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The young, aspiring, football players of Ottawa had the opportunity this year to learn, develop and improve their skills throughout the winter months. Elite Performance Academy was proud to bring a unique opportunity to minor football across the city. We recruited the finest, local, coaching staff, made up of experienced professional CFL players, University level and Certified Football Canada Coaches.  Collectively, the experience and knowledge of the ELITE FOOTBALL ACADEMY COACHING STAFF  is second to none:

  • 54 years of CFL playing experience
  • 2 Grey Cup Championships
  • 1 Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian Award
  • 1 East Division Most Outstanding Canadian Award nomination
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