Monthly Archives: August 2012

New Recruits Join ELITE Alumni in CIS

As the 2012 CIS Football season gets into full swing, 6 new graduates of the Elite Performance Academy program have joined the rest of our EPA Alumni as they battle for football supremacy. The Acadia Axemen recruited Ottawa with a vengeance, and ended up with 3 top recruits, Brad Hinton, Harrison DaCosta, and Mitch Graham, that…
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Vitality Wraps Up 8 Weeks of Hard Work

~ Vitality Wraps Up 8 Weeks of Hard Work ~ The Elite Vitality Ladies program wrapped up 8 weeks of strength, conditioning and flexibility, improving their overall health and lifestyle.  The entire group lost a combination of body fat and inches while gaining strength and improving their cardiovascular capacity.  Not only did they put in work each…
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