Elite D2D USPORTS/NCAA Summer Football Program

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WARNINGThis program is for determined athletes ONLY. You must be committed to improving your mental and physical game, on and off the field, to dominate your opponents.  Expectations are high!

Train and compete amongst the best players Ottawa has to offer. Coaches Woodcock and Ruiz are Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches and CFL pros with a combined 15 years of playing experience.  They have scientifically crafted a comprehensive summer training program that will take your game to new heights, your strength and speed to the next level, and help you develop an unrelenting mental edge. We put the pieces in place for you to be unstoppable in your 2018 season.

  • Customized Strength & Power Development
  • On-field Agility and Footwork
  • Football-Specific Energy Systems Training
  • Position-Specific Skills Focus
  • Ongoing Nutritional and Supplement Support
  • Unparalleled Training Environment and Daily Competition

Training Schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6pm - Strength and Power Development Training
  • Tuesday/Thursday 6pm - On Field Speed Agility and Conditioning Training


  • Program runs from May 21 - August 10, 2018 (14 weeks)
  • All training sessions are at Elite Performance Training Complex unless otherwise indicated.

Program Fees:

$999 + HST

SPECIAL - On-Field Sessions Only: ($399)


  • Only on-field training sessions only (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • Dynamic Change of Direction and Agility
  •  Linear Speed and Acceleration
  • Energy Systems Conditioning
  • 1 on 1 Competitive Days


Contact info@eliteperformanceacademy.ca ASAP to reserve your spot.