Elite Rookie Foundations 101


The aim of the ELITE ROOKIE FOUNDATIONS 101 program is to expose our Junior athletes, aged 10-13, to a training environment that promotes success, and give them the tools and opportunity to be as successful as they choose to be. These are the critical years that junior athletes develop physically and transform psychologically. Our specialized coaching staff has designed proven programs that concentrate on injury prevention, flexibility, strength, speed, and conditioning. This focus on mastering the basic techniques at a young age will prepare them for more advanced training protocols as they progress through the ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY program.  Our specific teaching protocols have been proven to improve:

  • Speed and Agility Technique
  • Functional Strength
  • Initial Quickness and Burst
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Body Composition
  • Self Confidence
  • Fun!

ELITE ROOKIE FOUNDATIONS 101 trains Tuesdays/Thursdays at 4:30pm

Follow the link below and click the Training Sessions tab to get registered!

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