Elite Performance Health

At ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY it is our mission to provide clients with the specialized and individualized services necessary to achieve optimal athletic, fitness and health goals.  We believe by identifying and addressing painful tissues, aberrant movement patterns and muscle imbalances – performance enhancement and injury recovery is attainable.

At our facility you can be certain the most advanced, evidence-based preventative, rehabilitative and performance enhancing techniques available are being utilized.

FASCIAL STRETCH THERAPY ™ (FST™), developed and taught by Ann and Chris Frederick of Stretch to Win, is a unique, complete and complementary system of table-based, assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia as the key element in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

Traditional stretching jams the joints together.  FST helps restore function and range of motion in the affected joint.

This type of assisted stretching also helps make movement easier by rebalancing the body for clients with medical conditions including: post-surgery rehabilitation, total joint replacements, osteo-arthritis, chronic shoulder mobility problems, frozen shoulder, low-back pain, plantar fasciitis, compartment syndrome, rounded shoulders, and more.

FST™ can also be used regionally to quickly restore function and eliminate pain, increase flexibility, increase strength, improve lymph and blood flow and improve neural dynamics.

Each assisted stretching session reduces stress, relieves tension and rebalances your body so that you move more easily and with less pain.  You are guaranteed to move lightly and feel great!

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P.I.M.S.T is a comprehensive integrative system of techniques developed by Charles Poliquin. Utilizing muscle activation points, Chinese acupressure & muscle activation points combined with years of practical development.

A P.I.M.S.T practitioner is able to help you to instantly improve the following within minutes, that would otherwise take you 4-6 weeks to achieve.

P.I.M.S.T can instantly improving the following:

  • Joint Range of Motion (flexibility)
  • Neural Drive (strength)
  • Meridian Balance
  • Fascia Release
  • Postural Alignment

In reality, much of your muscular inflexibility isn’t really muscles that are “short”. They actually CAN lengthen beyond what you may expect, but they won’t because your nervous system will not allow them to lengthen all the way.  The P.I.M.S.T. techniques can help to re-set your nervous system’s “software”.

For example if an athlete can only get 80% of the range of motion they will only receive 80% of the benefits of that exercise. By using P.I.M.S.T., the athlete can gain the capacity to achieve the full 100% range of motion and therefore gain 100% of the benefits! Some of the techniques can even improve an individual’s strength by up to 10% by simply stimulating the nervous system. This is vital for making continuous strength gains which will produce superior results in every training session.