Elite Personal Training

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Elite Performance Academy offers Elite Personal Training to empower the lives of others by building strong bodies and strong minds. Our commitment to you, as you become a part of our EPA team, is leadership through our Elite level of training, nutrition and development as you gain control of your lifestyle. We are the bridge to help you achieve your goals and our individualized game plans are designed to guide you on a sustainable path that will enhance all aspects of your Life.

EPA will assist you every step of the way and find the Athlete within.  Whether training for fat loss, muscle gain, injury rehab, improved self confidence, or simply because you love to train, we offer a variety of options and a unique training complex to challenge your body and your mind, ultimately reaching your fitness goals.

Being a part of the EPA Team means you are developing an Elite mindset and an Elite approach to your lifestyle. Our Performance coaches are all a rare blend of successful athletes, studied coaches and they are successful at Life. These skills offer a great learning and motivating environment to create successful transformations and empower you to achieve the Lifestyle control necessary for you to obtain your Vision.

We offer THRIVE one-on-one training as well as Group Training Programs.

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