Group Training

Elite Performance Academy offers group training for men and women.  Come and train with like minded individuals and motivate each other to perform and get results.

Elite Vitality – For Ladies


Vitality : [ vahy - tal - i - tee ] – capacity for survival , for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence .

The ELITE VITALITY program is created to improve confidence from the inside out combining strength, conditioning and flexibility.

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Elite Diesel – For Men

Diesel : [ dee - zuhl , - suhl ] – awesome , muscular or strong , representing physical power .

This POWER HOUR is designed to push you to the limit, optimizing strength, power and conditioning.

  • Rev up your metabolism, chisel your muscles and drop body fat
  • Be part of a challenging environment that will bring your fitness to the next level and test your mental strength
  • Improve your overall health, well being and reduce stress
  • Limited group size (8-12) allows for individualized attention

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