4 EPA Football Players Headed to Prep School

Four Elite Performance Academy football players are graduating from our program early and heading off to prep school to continue both their education and their football development.

Lliam Horricks, Jacob Dugas, and Connor Bornais have all been long-time members of the EPA program, having trained in both our Train 2 Perform program as well as the flagship Elite D2D Football program, and Nathan Coleman was part of the Train 2 Perform program in 2016.  Lliam actually started as far back as 2012 in our Rookie Foundations program!

Both Lliam and Jacob are headed south of the border to play with the St James School in Maryland, while Connor and Nathan are staying here in Ottawa to play for the brand new Canada North Prep.

All 4 of these fine student-athletes have put in long hours of hard work on the field, in the gym, and in the classroom to give themselves this great opportunity.  Regardless of what happens on the football field, clearly they all have a bright future ahead.

Huge congrats to the Boys and their families!
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