Dear High School Football Players: No, You Don’t Run a 4.4 40

As a high school athlete, you are still developing your strength and speed. You may have worked on your 40 technique, but nowhere near the level of a Combine athlete. Your training goal is to improve your football skills. Combine athletes train in programs that are specifically designed to improve their 40 times.

See the problem here? A 4.4 in high school is highly improbable, and definitely less frequent than is typically advertised.

But we aren't calling high school football players liars. It all comes down to timing.

Andy Haley, February 17, 2016


sporttesting1In the football world, combine numbers are king.  Right or wrong, coaches and scouts often fall in love with their stopwatches and players that can generate eye-popping results.

Stack Media did an article on this topic, detailing how inaccurate timing, particularly from someone who really wants you to do well, can lead to some very skewed results.

You can read the full article here:

Dear High School Football Players:

No, You Don't Run a 4.4 40


sporttesting3At Elite Performance Academy, we use the number 1 testing system available, from Sport Testing Inc.  Our numbers are so accurate, they are officially compliant with the NCAA.  This means that if an NCAA coach or scout wants to see your combine numbers from an Elite Football Combine event, they know that those times are 100% accurate and give a true indication of your abilities as an athlete.

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