OVFL: In-Season Training for Elite Performance

Speed Kills and Power Destroys the competition!

Don’t let your opponents get an advantage – stay at your best with the Top Football Training Program in Ottawa!!

Learn the training techniques and progressions that will help you maintain Strength and Power, maintain Lean Muscle Mass, and remain Injury-Free throughout the long football season


If you want to improve your speed to get to the next level, then Elite Performance Academy is the place you want to be, but be prepared to train harder than you have ever trained before. Personally, I improved most in my initial burst off the line. What helped me most was when Pat would video tape me and show me exactly what i need to change in order to become a faster football player.

~ Matt Engel, Bowling Green State University

I began training with Elite Performance Academy to help me prepare for my first university training camp. Because of their professional experience, the Elite Coaches are able to instruct and give advice in a way that most trainers can’t. Through the structured training and nutrition program, I experienced a significant increase in my strength, speed and agility. Training with the Elite Performance Academy gave me confidence that I could compete at the university level and I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing themselves for their season.

~ Cameron Stewart, Wide Receiver, Saint Mary’s University, Ottawa Sooners

Elite Performance Academy Coaches will guide you through 2 training sessions per week designed to:

  • correct your structural imbalances
  • continue to build physical strength
  • maintain bodyweight and lean muscle mass
  • retain your dynamic speed and quickness
  • keep your explosive power

Our Elite Performance Academy athletes also show an increased ability to:

  • stay injury free throughout the season
  • recover faster between training sessions, practices and games.

At Elite Performance Academy, we use a variety of training tools to continually challenge the athlete and allow their increased strength and power to translate effectively to performance on the field!

  • Traditional Strength Lifts
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Plyometrics
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Prowler/Sled Training
  • Modified Strongman Training


  • 8 week program July – August
  • 2 sessions per week Monday/Friday.  Time TBD.
  • Includes our exclusive nutrition manual – “Nutrition Strategies for Elite Performance”
  • $300 + HST
  • *Contact us for Team Training rates.
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Weekly Session 1:

  • Hypertrophy-based training to maintain lean muscle mass and physical strength.
  • Training through full range of motion to correct muscle imbalances and avoid altered movement patterns and risk of injury.

Weekly Session 2:

  • Dynamic training day with sub-maximal weights, movements with speed
  • Designed to activate specific muscles, activate Central Nervous System, increase Neural Drive, work on balance and dynamic flexibility

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