Coach Woodcock Named to Campaign Cabinet for Caring and Sharing Exchange

Elite Performance Academy founder Pat Woodcock has been named to the Campaign Cabinet for the Caring and Sharing Exchange.  Read more here…

The Caring and Sharing Exchange is a local charity that provides assistance to Ottawa families and individuals in need, during the Christmas season and the back-to-school season.

The backbone of Caring & Sharing is our Co-ordination Service, which organizes the even distribution of school essentials and Christmas assistance so that every donor dollar can reach even more people in need.

Our Mission

To co-ordinate services for organizations such as social agencies, schools, health services and faith communities in the Greater Ottawa Area.

To provide assistance to families and individuals in the Greater Ottawa Area who face economic hardship.

Our Values

The Caring and Sharing Exchange is a local charity dedicated to:

Delivering our services equitably and fairly, with dignity and respect
Providing our services as efficiently as possible
Being accountable to our clients, donors and the public

Our Programs

The Caring and Sharing Exchange runs three programs that provide much-needed assistance to the community members that make use of our services.

Christmas Exchange Program
Sharing in Student Success Program
Co-ordination Service

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