Elite Athletes Dominate AIA Red-White All-Star Game

On May 3, Elite Performance Academy was very well represented at the Athletes in Action Red-White All-Star Game at Minto Field.  EPA athlete and Western commit John Biewald was the Red Team’s Defensive MVP, and EPA athlete and Queen’s commit Duncan Lurie was the White Team’s Offensive MVP during the Red Team’s 19-7 victory.

Also selected as All-Stars were 10 other players who either are now or have been through the Elite Performance/Elite Football Academy program, including Brad Hinton, Wes Mann, Riley Cressman, Benji Oppenheimer, Jason Lachance, Jordan Finn, Keenan Tanti, Nick Gorgichuk, Dmitri Vaillancourt, and Jake Rivington.

Congrats to all of you on a great season!

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