Elite Performance Academy Skier Abby Thomas named to Team Quebec

Long-time Elite Performance Academy athlete Abby Thomas has been named to the Team Quebec Alpine Ski Team for the 2015/16 season.

Abby, who started with EPA as a 15-year old two years ago, has shown steady and consistent progression in both her training and her performance on the hill.  She locked in her place on the team with a solid showing during this summer's training camp in Chile.

Congrats Abby!


Valle Nevado (CHI), Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - The Quebec team continues its preparation currently in Chile, the second stage after their internship snow on the glacier of Les 2 Alpes in July.

After these first two weeks, the frame of the Quebec team confirmed the presence, within the team, until the last two postulants with guest status ie Mikaela O'Brien (Mont-Tremblant ) and Abby Thomas (Vorlage).

"Their performances over the first two internships and work ethic have made sure they deserve their place in this young group. "Said Martin Durocher, head coach of the Quebec team.

The Provincial Selection will be composed of 16 athletes for the 2015/2016 season:

Quebec Women 2015/2016 Team:

(First / Last Name, Club, Year of Birth)

Elyse Baker, Stoneham 1996
Catherine Dufresne, Mont-Tremblant, 1999
Laurence Huot Mont-St-Sauveur, 1999
Beatrix Sunrise, Mont Cascades, 1998
Florence Léveillé, Mont Olympia, 1998
Heidi Roussin, Mont-Tremblant, 1998
Marina Vilanova Mont-Tremblant, 1999
Mikaela Obrien, Mont-Tremblant, 1998
Abby Thomas, Mont-Vorlage 1998
Quebec Team Men 2015/2016:
(First / Last Name, Club, Year of Birth)

Justin Beaurivage Owls Head, 1997
William Bruneau-Bouchard, Le Massif, 1996
Simon Fournier, Mont-Tremblant, 1997
Felix Laliberté, Mont Olympia, 1996
Sebastian Parizeau Hamel, Bromont, 1997
Raphael Quenneville, Mont-Ste-Marie, in 1996
Alexandre Fortin, Le Relais, 1997

The women's team arrived on 27 August in El Colorado, where she spent her first week before joining Valle Nevado, already has 14 days to counter slalom, giant slalom and super-G.

"We try to present their stimulating challenges, at the height of their talents and aspirations .." "They realize more and more what the requirements of our sport and what are our expectations too. "Comments Martin Durocher.

After concentrated solely on technical disciplines during their internship recovery in the 2 Alpes, the ladies and men have tasted the joys of speed in Chile.

"I'm always amazed at the little exposure that these athletes have had with the basic techniques of speed. Some have only three or four days a super-G skis last season. By cons, it is a curious group of young women and hyper motivated and they respond well. We must therefore take the time to establish the bases in order to be able to progress throughout the season. "Said Martin Durocher especially about the five new team members.

For men, the speed is already mastered, except for Alexandre Fortin who joined him as the selection this spring. "At the end of the first block we started gliding training Super-G, the guys are working to bring basic Super-G and downhill, specifically their position hips, curves and lengthen enchainer with good pace . It is also intended that the guys are aware of their level of tension in their position. One seeks a relaxed attitude in the body in order to ski with rhythm and fluidity. "Said head coach Chris Powers of men.

Robert Rhéaume, assistant coach Chris Alexandre Fortin has good skills to progress quickly, "Alexander is well integrated into the group and demonstrates the determination to be increasingly competitive. It progresses at a good pace in slalom and giant and became familiar with the complexity of the speed events. "

For all the coaches, the good work done indoors this summer will help for the future: "The efforts at the physical level with the team Actiforme really see, they have everything to gain for their progress on the snow, and it is also an important factor which gives a good boost to athletes smaller template. "Said Chris Powers.

After missing the stage 2 Alpes to strengthen his knee following an injury to the meniscus, Sebastien Parizeau Hamel is "fit" for Robert Rhéaume, adding: "It is stronger and more aware of his body when he skis, it is promising for the rest. "

Upon their return in the coming days, the 16 members of the team will take a few days off and spend time in textbooks before resuming the training room path to continue the physical work.

For the group of women, that physical work will continue until mid-November before their return to snow in the West and for men the program is different, they will take the direction of Hintertux in Austria for a third course on snow from October 11 to 27 before all end up at the 21st Gala TELUS summit meeting to be held Thursday, October 29, Place Forzani in Laval (QC).

Ski Québec alpin (SQA) is a provincial sport organization that oversees the organization of competitive alpine skiing in Quebec and encourages and develops participation. Its mandate is to promote the practice of alpine skiing, recruit and develop athletes, organize events, as well as to recruit, train and retain coaches, officials and administrators. SQA must also bring athletes to participate in provincial and national competitions. He supports the welcome and the organization of events and participation of provincial teams in those events.

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