Session #1 ~ The Decision ~

Insanity ~ doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  

Get a glimpse inside the ELITE minds that created the Elite Performance Academy.  This complimentary evening covers the first topic in a unique seminar series designed share their philosophies.  It provides you with access to specific principles and strategies to get the results you are looking for from your training and your life.  These decorated Coaches have applied these successful techniques in their own lives, as they continue to climb the hills of achievement, and with their athletes and clients as they make the decision to improve their lives.

When: Thursday, January 31, 2013 ~ 7:30 pm

Where: Elite Performance Academy, 93 Hines Road, Kanata ON

What: The Decision - An in depth look at creating an Elite Lifestyle 

To Register: Space is limited, RSVP to info@eliteperformanceacademy.ca

Coach Donnie Ruiz has survived the jungle of trials and triumphs.  He is known for his warrior mentality and physical abilities as a professional athlete.  His experience allowed him to create his training philosophy, “A Strong Body is A Strong Mind, Be Undeniable”.  This is the mindset he applies to every aspect of his life.  He uses his years of successful preparation and competition to inspire others and has become an accomplished Performance Coach and Mentor. He will share his proven techniques to mentally prime you for achievement and to persevere through your challenges.

Coach Pat Woodcock is a Canadian Football League Grey Cup Champion and Grey Cup Most Valuable Canadian.  His drive and commitment to his vision led to an outstanding high school and University football career, and his unconquerable competitive spirit and faith in his abilities allowed him to reach the pinnacle of his sport as a professional athlete.  In constant pursuit of excellence, he now uses these elements as a successful Performance Coach and respected Speaker, inspiring his athletes to D.E.F.I. the odds and achieve an Elite status of their own.

Stay tuned for the next Elite Seminar Series topics:

  • #2 Your Vision Requires Effort* goal setting and vision - creation to implementation 
  • #3 Elite Grub* impact of nutrition on daily life and your ability to accomplish what you want
  • #4 Effective Training & Progression* programming based on individual needs
  • #5 Elite Reflection* confidence where it comes from, living what you say and truly want
  • #6 Time to Perform* aligning all the pieces and putting it into action

Change your mindset.  Change your life.

Train Elite.  Be Elite.

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