Elite Training Tip: Medicine Ball Throws for Explosive Power

Medicine ball throws are an excellent way to develop explosive sport-specific power.  Power training enables an athlete to apply the greatest amount of their maximal strength in the shortest period of time – it helps to transfer work from the weightroom out onto the playing field.  When correct technique and loads are used, Medicine Ball throws can have multiple applications for both young and more advanced athletes.

At Elite Performance Academy, we use them for a variety of training effects, depending on the athlete(s) being trained.  Some of those effects include:

  • Teaching triple extension of the foot, knee, and ankle
  • Developing explosiveness in body positions specific to horizontal/vertical jumping and sprint starts
  • Learning to generate ground reaction forces, crucial for jumping and sprinting
  • Establishing intermuscular coordination and proper movement patterns
  • Activation of Central Nervous System prior to speed/strength training

With effective periodization and proper placement within a training plan, Medicine Ball Throws can be an invaluable part of an athlete’s development.


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