EPA Athletes Conquer Pan-American Taekwon-do Championships

Elite Performance Academy Martial Arts athletes, Alana Thibodeau-Cabanas and Miro Mostovac, earned major accomplishments at the Pan-Am ITF in Trois-Rivieres, on June 16th. Both athletes were following up their National Championship Gold Medal performances and didn't disappoint on the International stage.

Miro achieved another Outstanding Overall Male Athlete Trophy, a Gold medal in Black Belt 2nd Dan Patterns, Gold medal in Special Technique and Gold medal in Middle Weight Sparring. His dedication and hard work is ongoing as he continues to train with Coach Ruiz, preparing to represent Canada at the World Championships in October. This well balanced young man has demonstrated a rare will to achieve and has a unique attention to detail in his preparation, strength training and conditioning. These are the elements that make Miro the successful Champion he is.

Perseverance and commitment to a vision are what best describe outstanding, fiery, female athlete Alana Thibodeau-Cabanas. Alana won Gold in Power Breaking, Silver in 3rd Dan Patterns and Bronze in Sparring.  Alana will continue to share her talents and knowledge with the many students she is teaching in the sport she loves at her Dojang ARCAN.

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