Elite Athlete of the Month – MIRO MOSTOVAC


Imagine all your hard work, dedication, sweat, blood, fighting and overcoming injuries, training on the days your not feeling like training, lifting pounds and pounds of weights, sprinting until it feels like your breathing fire, eating only what your body required for weeks and months until it all added up to the Vision you had set out for yourself. That very moment a medal is being placed around your neck, at a World Championship. This is exactly what young champion Miro Mostovac achieved in Spain at the 2013 World Championships in Taekwon-do.

Miro has been a very focused young man with a clear Vision since he walked through the doors at Elite Performance Academy 2 years ago. “ I want to be the best, and I will push myself at all levels in order to achieve this!” A very humble athlete, with a quiet confidence and understanding that his daily efforts needed to be on another level in order to pursue what he set out to achieve. Once we had completed his Comprehensive Athlete Assessment and designed his periodized game plan, Miro demonstrated clearly after our first couple training sessions that his actions mirrored his words.

“I have had nothing but great experiences training with Coach Ruiz. Each step of the training process he created drills, training plans, and a sincere attention to proper form. Along our development process Coach Ruiz was attentive evaluating my progress and adjusting the programs to maximize my training and results. Over a training cycle I have worked on strength, agility, speed, and explosive power to develop a high level of basic motor skills and reflexes that have transferred into a stronger base from which my Taekwon-do specific training has improved tremendously. The most significant impact I noticed through working with EPA and Coach Ruiz related to the physical and mental preparedness levels required to succeed in my sport. The high level of physical conditioning contributed greatly towards a confident and sharp mindset at tournaments. Through numerous competitions I quickly learned I had better conditioning, speed, and strength than most competitors.  The training and athletic development I have done at EPA since the fall of 2011 has contributed significantly to my successes at the National Championships, Pan-American Championships and World Championships. The work ethic and attention the EPA staff and Coach Ruiz offer their athletes is exceptional.  I look forward to continuing my development with Elite Performance Academy and achieving future success.”

Congratulations Miro! The EPA Team is very Proud of you

Train Elite. Be Elite.

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