Elite Performance Athlete ‘Rain’ Moves to the SAF Elite Pro Class

No missed training sessions. Early morning cardio. Impeccable nutrition. Commitment to consistency. A relentless pursuit of physique changes and a disciplined focus to the strategically designed map to fulfill your ultimate Vision.

These are just a few of the elements that go into Fitness and Body Building Competition Prep between a Coach and the Athlete.  Elite Performance Coach, Donnie Ruiz, has been guiding these rare athletes through the jungle of competition preparation for the last 6 years and the results of his team speak volumes to the success of his well-developed process.

Our Fitness and Body Building competitors have run the full spectrum, from new athletes looking to compete for the first time, all the way up to guiding athletes to achieving Pro status.  Members of #TeamEPA that Coach Ruiz has guided to success on the stage: Amber Nagle (WBFF Pro), Barbara Molyneaux (WBFF Pro/ OPA Regional Champion), Sophie Haddad (OPA Regional Champion), Lisa-Marie McDonald (Neutron Naturals 2nd Place) and Jason Dizzell (Toronto Super Show Junior Champion).

Our most recent competitor, Renee Meunier, has been training with Coach Ruiz for 2.5 years.  Initially, Renee was looking for a different approach to her competition prep and some very definitive physical changes to present to the judges in her next show.  After listening to her goals, and discussing a detailed plan, construction of a specific Nutrition and Training protocol began. Renee, better known as “Rain” implemented the plan and started to put in her signature, meticulous work ethic.  An open mind to new nutrition strategies, along with many growls while lifting heavy iron, this little power ball of muscle rebuilt her physique and was ready to compete.

Rain’s love for the stage, combined with her dedication to the meticulous process, made for an outstanding season and this Fitness star achieved success on the figure stage.  A second place at Serious About Fitness (SAF) Fitness Model, 3rd place at the International Drug Free Association (IDFA) fitness model, followed up by another 2nd place showing at IDFA in the Figure category.  The future looks bright for Rain, as the great season qualified her to compete this year at the SAF Elite Pro Class.  As we face another off season to build and refine her physique, the Athlete and Coach synergy will continue to develop as Rain is always looking to improve and build on the Elite mental approach to life that she applies to everything she does.

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