Vitality Wraps Up 8 Weeks of Hard Work

~ Vitality Wraps Up 8 Weeks of Hard Work ~

The Elite Vitality Ladies program wrapped up 8 weeks of strength, conditioning and flexibility, improving their overall health and lifestyle.  The entire group lost a combination of body fat and inches while gaining strength and improving their cardiovascular capacity.  Not only did they put in work each week, they had a lot of fun and had the chance to meet other women with similar goals.

The Fall Elite Vitality Ladies program is now SOLD OUT.  Don’t miss out on the Winter Elite Vitality Ladies program running from November 26 until January 26, 2013.  Register Here Now or call 613.447.5383 for more information.

 “The loss of inches and loss of weight are just a byproduct of how great I feel!  Thank you to all the Coaches here, Elite Performance Academy is amazing!”

~Sophia Khan~


“I’ve been so impressed with this training facility and the Coaches here, they are just awesome!  More than that, I’m happy with my results, I’ve lost inches and I’ve lost weight.  I think it’s a great way to start your day and get in shape!”

~Lori Hurrell~

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