Professional Athlete Programs

The ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE PROGRAM brings together all elements of our training system to deliver individualized training programs tailored to the needs of each athlete and their respective goals.  We provide integrated support from performance training, nutrition, and our network of physical therapy specialists to help maximize physical performance for the professional athlete.  This program combines proven programming methodologies, experienced and knowledgeable professional coaches, a multidisciplinary approach, and state-of-the-art facilities to maximize outcomes on the field, court, ice, or track.

Our DIRECTORS of ATHLETE PERFORMANCE are CERTIFIED STRENGTH, SPEED, AND PERFORMANCE COACHES who specialize in the training of High School, University, and Professional football players. Combined, they have more than 15 years of Professional football experience playing in the NFL and CFL, and now train some of Ottawa’s Top Football Talent, including athletes in the NFL, CFL, NCAA, and CIS.

We know what it takes to perform on the field, increase your career longevity, and maximize your earning potential as an athlete.


Our Comprehensive Athlete Assessment is crucial for the professional athlete.  Finding and correcting muscular imbalances and compensatory movement patterns will help you train more effectively, recover with increased efficiency, and perform at your optimal level.


  • Strength – Increasing muscular size and maximal strength
  • Power – Application of strength with maximum speed
  • Energy Systems Development – Proper conditioning to improve sport-specific work capacity
  • Pillar Training – Core Strength and Stability for athletic performance and power transfer
  • Flexibility/Mobility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability
  • Recovery – Muscle Priming and Regeneration techniques


  • Explosive linear speed and speed endurance
  • Dynamic acceleration and deceleration mechanics
  • Optimum biomechanics and movement skills
  • Resisted and assisted movement patterns
  • Lightning-fast agility and footwork drills
  • On-field football work, 1 on 1’s, position-specific drills


Learning how to maximize your nutrition and supplement protocols can potentially have the single biggest impact on your performance, recovery, and career longevity.

Improving an athlete’s diet through education can create good eating habits, maintain an optimal body weight, and increase energy and self-esteem.  In addition, Bodyfat Analysis and Hormone Profiling can help us increase strength and energy levels, optimize bodyweight-to-power ratio, promote muscle building hormones (testosterone and growth hormone), and optimize recovery by strengthening the immune system.


ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY has cultivated corporate partnerships with companies we believe are synergistic to our efforts to maximize athlete performance.

HEXOSKIN – Bio-Metric Training Apparel

XPN SUPPLEMENTS – Xtreme Performance Nutrition