The Elite Junior D2D Mini-Camp

The annual #EliteJuniorD2DMiniCamp is under way; this 1-week extensive training program has been specifically designed for this years future football talent from the #OrleansBengals and the #CumberlandPanthers.

The coaches at ELITE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY are excited to lead these young athletes to achieving ultimate success. Our methodology is not to focus on football alone; we place a huge importance on education planning, life planning, and moulding our athletes into becoming exceptional young men. The 1-week #EliteJuniorD2DMiniCamp has been designed to improve all elements of football, also each athletes mindset required to dominate on the football field.

We’d like to congratulate all the young athletes who have committed their time into the #EliteJuniorD2DMiniCamp preparing to be a step ahead of their competition as the 2015 football season approaches. #TrainElite #BeElite

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